Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit(A/R)Insurance-Protect your receivables from Bankruptcy and Non-Payment

The right accounts receivable insurance can help you trade safely and grow your sales without worrying that your invoices aren’t covered. Don’t fall into the trap of putting it off. Companies tend to turn to trade credit insurance when they have a credit problem or foresee exposure in the near future, but that’s often too late for carriers to take on the risk. If you’re considering taking on a new buyer or working with a client with less than optimum credit, PAYAR Insurance Solutions can help. We offer trade insurance quotes from the top Trade Credit Insurance Carriers to negotiate & design your company's policy.  It is essential you work with an experienced broker to structure your policy and help you decide which carrier will give you the most coverage for the right price!

Benefits of Insuring Accounts Receivable- Trade Credit Insurance is actually a tax-deductible business service—which makes it even more cost effective. You’ll discover that banks and other financial institutions recognize Trade Credit Insurance as collateral security when providing financing for local or overseas sales. Credit insurance is suitable for most businesses, from SMEs to large multinationals. It can be used for both domestic and export trade. 

Protect Your Liquidity and Cash-Flow- When you experience the loss of a customer, you lose current and future revenue, and there is an immediate negative effect on cash flow. It may be so severe, it could lead to your business failing. Get protected now. The proceeds of a credit insurance claim can put liquid funds back into your business and protect you from loss.

Strength, Commitment & Experience- As a leading Trade Credit Insurance provider, PAYAR Insurance Solutions provides effective, customized insurance solutions that help protect your companies accounts receivable from unforeseen losses. Because we’re insurance brokers, not merely agents, we can put together unmatched coverage designed specifically for your business.

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